28 March 2022

Optoplast, the supplier and manufacturer of cases and accessories for the UK and global optical market, has just announced the publication of its last ever printed product catalogue. Optoplast was founded in 1946 by Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn, and it’s still a family-owned independently-run company which is now part of Millmead Optical Group, based in Liverpool.

James Conway, Walter Conway’s grandson, has worked at the company for more than 20 years and has been CEO since 2015. He commented on the decision to end the physical publication of the catalogues: “Our new catalogue is the latest in a long line of often-iconic publications which have punctuated the history of our company. This is our 75th Anniversary edition and the breadth and depth of our range reflects how far we have come since our formation. However, the decision to make this the last printed edition is absolutely the right choice for our company as we align ourselves to a more sustainable future. Although this catalogue has been printed on 100% recycled & recyclable paper, we feel that moving to a digital format for future catalogues is the most appropriate way to reflect our company vision and values. Indeed these values can be witnessed in our brand new range of sustainable cases and accessories manufactured here in the UK, all made using 100% recycled materials called rPET. These products will play an ever increasing role in the future of our organisation.”

David Young, Millmead’s new Brand Director spoke about how the decision fits into Millmead’s new Sustainability strategy: “We aim to celebrate the ways in which sustainable choices can often be a win-win situation for everyone. They don’t always have to be the more costly or ‘less appealing’ options. For example, by moving to digital formats we have taken a completely fresh, creative approach to how we promote the products in our Optoplast catalogue. We have just embraced the world of motion graphics - an area we have not explored before – which we are confident will deliver a more enriched and engaging brand experience for all our customers.

Even at an operational level, we are interested in exploring solutions which can sometimes be more efficient and which use fewer natural resources, like the MEI Bisphera machines in our Liverpool factory Lens labs, which require no water source or blocking pads and are actually more environmentally friendly at the same time as being the most efficient machines for the task.
We will be shortly be creating and publishing a gallery of our previous Optoplast catalogue covers in recognition of their place in our history. In the meantime we hope that you enjoy our new creative direction and our sustainability strategy as we set our sights on the future of the industry. To see the highlights of the new Optoplast Catalogue in Motion graphics please visit www.optoplast.com 

We are excited to be exhibiting at 100% Optical on 23rd - 25th April at London ExCel. We have been present at this highly-regarded event since its foundation and this year we will have stand B313, as well as stand W100 for our Frames brand, Continental Eyewear (winner of Frame Supplier of the Year at the 2021 Optician awards) and Jai Kudo, our lenses brand.

Please do come and visit us at either of our stands and we will be excited to share with you more about the ambitious plans we have in store.